Our Integrated Platform

An integrated platform to adapt to the transformation of the Automotive Market and your Business.

There are more and more softwares for automotive dealerships; they need to be able to dialogue and interoperate to order vehicles, parts, organize servicing, capture leads, and so on.
Our open platform integrates them with the Dealer Management System and Automotive CRM to ensure efficient operations.

The term “Solution Platform” refers to a collection of software products designed to work together. Interoperability is ensured through the definition of shared data, formats and protocols. Softwares communicate with each other through APIs

The benefits of our integrated platform

Designed for the automotive industry

The objective of the platform is to ensure the interoperability of all the softwares required by a vehicle dealership: DMS, CRM, Manufacturer ERPs, business applications.
An automotive repository describing customers, vehicles and the main concepts of automotive dealership has been defined in order to guarantee a common vision for all the softwares connected to the platform.


The communication architecture is compatible with existing systems, whether they be Dealer Management Systems installed on local servers or newer softwares hosted in the Cloud.
The APIs are not dedicated to Imaweb software alone but are designed to be used by other applications.


The communication architecture is based on Cloud Computing.
The technologies used focus on data and access security.
Monitoring tools allow for the early detection of threats in order to protect systems.

Evolutionary and Perennial

Development work takes place in a Microsoft Azure environment which is used by a large community of developers. This environment is continually evolving to take the most recent technologies into account. The Imaweb repository as well as the APIs of our software are also in constant evolution in order to cover the new needs of the market.

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